Thursday, April 28, 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook Hands-on

Finally got my hands on a brand new BlackBerry PlayBook! My God, this gadget is awesome.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is the world's first professional-grade tablet. A bold statement indeed. Of course, the majority consumers didnt exactly think of PlayBook when it comes to tablets. But then again, consumers aren't really RIM's target audience.

I was gonna do a detailed, part-by-part review, but then i got lazy and opted to do a point-form kind of review. Better eh?

By the way, this is a review of the Wi-Fi version. 3G & 4G versions are coming soon.

  • The hardware is perfect. (specifications)
  • the PlayBook's QNX-based new platform is super easy to use.
  • the 1 GHz dual-core processor is super-fast and snappy.
  • the screen is super bright; text is clear, pictures are stunning and videos are alive.
  • the touch-sensitive bezel around the screen is pure genius.
  • BOTH of the cameras shoots in High-Definition.
  • the dual stereo speakers are loud.
  • plays multiple-format videos including *.mkv files.
  • 16:9 size format.
  • multitasking is simply the best.
  • it supports Flash 10.2 AND HTML5
  • it will support Android 2.3 apps (coming soon)
  • includes free FULL version of Need For Speed: Underground
  • its portable. 7-inch, fits in the pocket.

  • software is still being completed (rectified by OTA updates)
  • lack of native apps. So far there's only 1,700 native apps for the PlayBook.
  • lack of "fun" apps. Thanks to Android support, it will have 200,000+ apps soon :D
  • the 16:9 format is great for watching wide-screen movies. But when it comes to web-browsing, its kinda small on potrait view. Awesome on landscape view though.

The Verdict:
  • The BlackBerry PlayBook is truly a beast: fast and powerful.
  • However, lack of apps may be a negative factor for some people.
  • The software is undeniably impressive. But even the most hardcore BB fan will agree; it feels unfinished. Thats why the OTA updates keep on coming every other day.
  • BlackBerry Bridge is a blessing for those already with a BB smartphone. No Wi-Fi? Just tether it to the phone.
  • Is it for everybody? Of course not. It all comes down to what you want in a tablet. Is it for gaming, web browsing, work, or just having the latest gadget available. You decide.
  • I LOVE the PlayBook.

So there you go. My review of the Wi-Fi BlackBerry PlayBook.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Perjalanan Sejuta Batu Bermula Dengan Langkah Pertama

Tarikh: 18 April 2011
Tempat: Dewan Teater, Aras 1, Kementerian Kewangan.

Satu lonjakan, satu kemajuan.

Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

RIP Bold 9000

Dukacita dimaklumkan BlackBerry Bold 9000 yang disayangi dah meninggal dunia pagi tadi akibat penyakit misteri. Beliau meninggalkan seorang pemilik yang amat sedih serta beberapa aksesori yang bakal dimasukkan dalam stor.

Selepas Zohor, mayat beliau akan dihantar ke PopMyBerry untuk totalwipe.

Atau mencari pengganti?


Bold 9000 berjaya dihidupkan semula!

Walaupun roh yang lama (OS 4.6) dah tiada, aku masukkan roh yang baru (OS 5) dan kini Bold 9000 kembali bernafas, kembali beraksi, kembali lincah!

Kenduri tahlil yang dirancang malam tadi dah bertukar jadi kenduri doa selamat. Alhamdulillah.

Ye, sapa yg pakai Bold 3 atau Torch dah lama pakai OS 6, aku baru nak pakai OS 5. *slowpoke*


Orang kata cinta itu bermula dari mata dan jatuh ke hati.

Rasanya aku sedang dilamun cinta.