Sunday, February 6, 2011

4-Day Weekend

As expected, lots of people took leave on the other 3 days (2 days for those in Federal Territories) to enjoy a looooong weekend. Balik kampung, holiday, etc etc.

Of course, i'm not one of them. My idea of holiday is NOT during school holidays, festive seasons and such. Expensive hotels and long, frustrating drive, are just some of the reasons i avoid going anywhere at such times.

So what did i do during the 4-day weekend?

1. Picnic + BBQ.
I've always enjoyed hosting BBQ at home. I used to do it every month for the last 2 years. I dont really like dragging my BBQ set to outside venues due to traffic, parking woes and the crowd. But i need a change. And thus, i went for a BBQ with my friends at Sg Congkak. It was awesome.

2. Aquaria KLCC.
It was my first time there. Went with Kate to see the sharks, turtles, arapaima gigas, piranhas etc etc. The crowd was overwhelming. And the ticket is RM35. A bit high actually (at least for me). The experience was just like visiting a zoo. Nothing more. I stayed for the piranha feeding session, anxious to see if the piranhas gonna give one hell of a show. Turns out the piranhas are LAZY. And they look like ikan bawal wtf.

3. Green Hornet 3D.
Went to see this movie. It wasn't horrible, but it definitely wasn't the best. I already expected Seth Rogen to be annoying, but i didnt expect Jay Chou to be a snoozefest. And Cameron Diaz gave the most realistic acting as a wooden plank.

4. True Blood Season 3.
Did a complete marathon of this series in two days. I am pleased to say that it keeps getting better and better. Now i cant wait for season 4.

5. Engagement.
Went to an engagement ceremony in Rawang. Two of my friends from Koh Phangan trip got hitched. Its been a while since i saw the sisters. Definitely happy for them ^_^.

6. 4-year anniversary.
My batch celebrates the fourth year we've been in the service. Still got a long way to go, friends.

7. Back from Europe.
Went to Sri Kembangan for a supper with Akmal, Ina and Ned. Exchanging stories, reminiscing past travels and planning new ones. Thanks for the magnet, Akmal :D

8. Hayati's birthday.
Went to The Daily Grind with Ina, Ned, Hazly and Eina to celebrate Hayati's birthday. Happy 29th! One more year to go before the big three-oh.

Tomorrow's Monday. Everybody's coming back. Work will resume. For everyone else, that is.

I'm going on a trip. See ya! ^_^


marmalade said...

hahahaha thanks so much! first time orang nyanyi lagu bday guna nama "yati". ish. hahahahahah

at least now i know hazly's son suka bunyi kucing gatal. hahahahahahah

Al Hadi said...

patut divideokan tadi pastu tunjuk kat anak Hazly bila dah besar ahahahaha

Phoebus Athenos said...

sg. congkak kena banned lepas nih. cam aram parking nya

btw, ikan bawal ngan piranha satu species family

Al Hadi said...

satu species ek? thanks for the info.

dan sila survey lokasi bbq seterusnya.

marmalade said...

kali ni bbq nak ikut. sila ajak.

fadhlullahomar said...

aku tak paham nape green hornet dia tak buat bentuk serius. aku tau la seth rogen tu comedy actor...but is it necessary to destroy a movie like that...gila menghina bruce lee tu..

Al Hadi said...

mala - i will =)

fadh - semua nak buat komedi, sampai hilang nilai asal. mcm Transformers 2 gak