Saturday, January 15, 2011

BlackBerry Gathering Party

Last Thursday, i received an exclusive invitation from BlackBerry Malaysia for the first ever BlackBerry gathering party in Malaysia. Of course I'm gonna go, I'm a BB user =)

Besides myself, i am also allowed to bring two other friends. And i decided to bring another two BB users, Akmal and Jepp. I tried contacting others, but apparently they're too busy and/or didnt bother replying my BBM message. Their loss.

The party was held at Restoran Top Hat. Finding it was another challenge since i never went there before. The address said No 7, Jalan Kia Peng. Actually it's No.3, Jalan Stonor. Luckily my Garmin GPS helped a lot =)

Met Akmal and Jepp there and registered at the counter in front of the entrance. Upon registration, we were given goodies bags. Inside: a BBM t-shirt, a BB lanyard and a BBM car sticker and a number for the lucky draw event.

The actual party/event started at 7.30pm. And it was hosted by Daphne Iking!

There were food, freeflow drinks, games, treasure hunt, BBM contest, TwitPic contest etc etc. Mingled around a bit and getting to know other BB fans. Too bad my group didn't win anything, but at least Jepp won a lucky draw. And he was kind enough to give a BB cap as a token of goodwill.

Hey if it wasn't for me, he wont win anything :p

The main event is the announcement of BB Malaysia's Biggest Fan. I didnt enter that contest, so i just watched and clapped for the winner. He won a brand new BlackBerry Torch! Wow.

The party ended around 10pm-ish. After some camwhoring session and saying goodbyes, we left Restoran Top Hat to another venue for drinks and live music.

I can see the satisfied look on Akmal and Jepp's faces. Thanks for coming guys :D

Infinite thanks to BlackBerry Malaysia for organizing this event. It was truly a memorable one. Go BlackBerry!

And I cant wait for the next one =)


muhamadakmalwahab said...

sila invite bila ko menang lagi exclusive invites eh...yeayyyy...

Al Hadi said...

haha no prob =)

marmalade said...

you didn't invite me pun?
i didn't get any messages :(

nihadriz said...

nak jugak!!! tp kena tunggu saye beli torch dulu heh! :P

Al Hadi said...

mala - are u sure? i send the message friday morning.

niha - segerakan pembelian Torch itu ya :D

marmalade said...

nope. seriously takde :(

Al Hadi said...

its ok. i'll bring you to the next one ya :D