Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Guys Go To Heaven, Bad Guys Go To Patong

But i disagree. You see, im a good guy, and i still go to Patong.

In Syawal.

Why not eh? We all celebrate Eid Mubarak differently.

Some people spend on new clothes, furnitures, cookies etc, i spend on travel.

Phuket was amazing.

Much much better than Bali.

Every day is a weekend.

Every night is Saturday night.

Patong beach was beautiful.

Blue water, white sands and friendly people.

The goods sold was damn cheap.

But of course la, have to haggle to get the best price. Just like home.

Phuket FantaSea was absolutely breathtaking.

Some call it Phuket Disneyland, and i couldn't agree more.

5-star performances with pyrotechnics, trapeze artistes, lasers and much more!

Also, elephants, goats, doves and chickens!

But no cameras are allowed inside the performance theater though.

Phi Phi islands.

Heaven on earth.

My God, the blue waters are so clear.

There's also a "James Bond Island". Just as beautiful.

Oh Phuket, i WILL return!


Hasina Terebuzzu said...

wahhhhhhhh.. aku tergoda kt phi phi island tu =p

Al Hadi said...

Serius, mmg sgt cantik!

marmalade said...

eh you were in a foreign country?
you knew what to do.

muhamadakmalwahab said...

owh gojessss

Anonymous said...

owh..macam best je phuket ni

Ara Izat said...

i miss phuket! haih.