Monday, August 30, 2010

Review - Step Up 3D

I must admit, im no fan of dance movies. Never saw the first two Step Up movies, Honey, You Got Served etc etc. So why did i watch this one?

Easy. Its in 3D.

3D movies have always been limited to sci-fi and fantasy movies, and of course the animated ones. But a dance movie? this is a first, so i just wanna see how its done.

And it didnt dissappoint. Brilliantly shot in 3D, unlike the horrible Clash Of The Titans which was actually converted to 3D format.

Cool dance moves, and that's all you can expect. Storyline? Plot? Acting skill? Horrible. Just horrible. Especially the Julian dude. His kayu acting can rival Keanu Reeves hahaha.

Just watch it for fun.


muhamadakmalwahab said...

seriously dude...the dance sequence were awesome...acting...euwwww...
and you are rite about that julien dude...sangat kayu hokey...

ara said...

demn. i wanna watch it too.

adik aku pun cakap storyline OUT. tapi kalau sebab 3d tu patut gi tengok.

Al Hadi said...

Akmal - no arguments there :D

Ara - go ahead. mmg layan!