Monday, August 30, 2010

Review - Step Up 3D

I must admit, im no fan of dance movies. Never saw the first two Step Up movies, Honey, You Got Served etc etc. So why did i watch this one?

Easy. Its in 3D.

3D movies have always been limited to sci-fi and fantasy movies, and of course the animated ones. But a dance movie? this is a first, so i just wanna see how its done.

And it didnt dissappoint. Brilliantly shot in 3D, unlike the horrible Clash Of The Titans which was actually converted to 3D format.

Cool dance moves, and that's all you can expect. Storyline? Plot? Acting skill? Horrible. Just horrible. Especially the Julian dude. His kayu acting can rival Keanu Reeves hahaha.

Just watch it for fun.

Review - The Expendables


Letup sana! Letup sini!

Bunuh sana! Bunuh sini!

Tumbuk sana! Terajang sini!

Cakap, cakap. Emo, emo.

Tumbuk, terajang, letup, bunuh!

Pastu bawak motor ramai-ramai.

Walalalalala action!

Peduli apa dengan jalan cerita. Kemunculan Arnold Schwarzenegger pun dah cukup.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AirAsia Is Technologically Racist?

AirAsia has started to test out its brand new iPhone and BlackBerry apps. Not official yet, still in testing phase. So as usual, feedbacks and comments are greatly appreciated from those who wanted to try it out.

Of course, Android users will be dissappointed. No love for Android? Hehehe....

Lots of comments received. But then one comment in particular caught my attention;

Technologically racist???

Does this term even exists? Woahahahahhahhhak tuih!

Torch Is Coming!

Akhirnya! Setelah sekian lama menunggu, akhirnya dapat jugak khabar rasmi dari Maxis.