Sunday, July 11, 2010

See You Again In 2014

Well, the 2010 World Cup is officially over.

Went to see the final match in Bangsar Street Party.

The party was damn happening!

And my god, the vuvuzelas are really fu*king annoying.

Yes, yes, Spain won.

But Holland really gave one hell of a fight.


Kungfu tackles and flying kicks all around.

Lots of girls, lots of guys.

Mostly Spain supporters.

Some of the girls painted their faces and other parts of their bodies with England flag.

Come on la, stop embarrassing yourselves.

Me? Dont really care who won.

Germany already out.

But 3rd place is ok la kan.

At least tak kena rogol macam Argentina.

Its finally over.

Have to wait another 4 years to re-experience all this again.

But at least we have Euro 2012, a.k.a Pre-World Cup.

I wonder if Paul The Octopus is still alive during the next World Cup.

See you again in 2014!


fadhlullahomar said...

sadly Paul dah retire bro

Al Hadi said...

bukan retire, aku ingat dah mati kot.