Saturday, July 10, 2010

Proton EMAS

Last night i went to Proton's 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner at KL Convention Centre. Dont care about the dinner, dont really care about the new-facelifted Exora, Persona and Saga.

This is what i came for.

The Proton EMAS Concept Car

Eco Mobility Advance Solution (EMAS)

LED Headlights!

"Dropping Horizon" Window!

F1-style Gear! Touchscreen LCD controls with GPS!

Thumbs up for Proton!


Lein Nazir said...

How much?

muhamadakmalwahab said...


el coche es magnifico...the car is denggg gojes...

nihadriz said...

concept car je kan...i bet if proton jual ni, mesti berlumba2 org beli. too bad it would end up like proton cabriolet semua tu (if i got the name right).

Al Hadi said...

Lein - not announced yet.

Akmal - gorgeous indeed! Esp the LED taillights

Niha - hybrid engine. Sounds great eh?

nihadriz said...

hybrid? wowww~

tp apesal kete malaysia on the road takde pun yg hybrid engine? kalo dia tak jual yg ni, taktaula nak ckp apa. hehehehehe~

mesti harga dia lg mahal dari perdana v6 yg kay ess you pakai. :P

Al Hadi said...

ni kira Proton's first car yg officially pakai hybrid. due out in 2012.