Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review - Lagenda Budak Setan Nirrojim

Last night i went to see this movie with Mala and Frankie with Taqif. Thanks to Mala for her free tickets. We had some Carl's Jr, and off we go into the cinema.

Im not gonna beat around the bush, lets just get to the points;
  • i puked.
  • 5 minutes in and im already feeling homicidal.
  • there's no plot.
  • the lovey-dovey scenes were nauseating.
  • apparently University of Nottingham is filled with Malay people with ONE Indian lecturer.
  • also, a case study for a photography student will take ONE YEAR to complete.
  • that same photography student doesn't even know the correct photography terms.
  • the same student again brings only ONE BACKPACK to his one-year long study trip.
  • Every male student is gay and all female students are sluts.
  • This movie's soundtrack consists of exactly ONE song, which is played over and over again every 10 minutes.
  • People with severe heart complications are also pretentious and stupid.
  • Aside from the face, apparently a plastic surgery can also change the way people walk, but not their taste in music.
  • During the scene when someone is about to deliver a baby, close your eyes. The combination of the female breathing and the doctor's weird-ass words will make u think of Japanese tentacle porn.
  • All business owners are young, slutty girls.
  • Women over the age of 40 loves to hysterically howl like a retarded banshee without any reason whatsoever.

But of course, not everything is bad. Here's a good thing about this movie;

Que Haidar is excellent as Azmi, the third wheel and also a wife-beater. Kudos to him.

Apparently this movie is PART ONE. But the lead female already died in the end, so here's my suggestion to the director for the second part.

  • The lead female rose from the grave as a zombie.
  • It also wields a batu nisan as a weapon.
  • Lots of explosions.
  • Interstellar robots from the future.
  • Cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • The zombie later fornicates with a cyborg ninja and live happily ever after.
Now THAT's awesome.

Of course, you can always read THIS REVIEW instead.


muhamadakmalwahab said...

i never read the novel...never a fan of ahadiat akashah's outings...never like any movie with f*rid k*mil in it as it would be totally cheesy...and i really like this review...hahahaha...

marmalade said...

won't say much. have reviewed it wif the editor. i don't mind the horrendous scenes, but i do mind the script.

it was badly done.

Phoebus Athenos said...

selamatttt selamatttt nyehahahaahhaa

frankie said...

aku suke scene hadi bile dia gelak bile time org lain senyap (scene ni ada kat midveli cinema 2 je)...precious~~

nihadriz said...

"apparently University of Nottingham is filled with Malay people with ONE Indian lecturer"

ni university nottingham kat semenyih tu kot. :P

mmg patutla lecturer dia indian. students semua melayu. hahahhaa~