Monday, June 14, 2010

Motion Gaming

In 2006, Nintendo introduced the world to Wii, its seventh-generation, brand new console. It doesnt have the best graphics or HD display, but it does offer the world's first Motion Gaming experience.

Also, a set of controllers that doesnt look conventional.

Of course, the Sony and Microsoft fanboys came up with millions of joke for the Wii. After Wii sold more than XBOX360 and PS3 combined, they finally shut up and acknowledge the true appeal of Wii.

4 years later, Sony introduced Playstation Move.

And it looked like this;

What the hell?

Microsoft also wanted to get into motion gaming, but they didnt want a motion controller. They aim for controllerless controller. They named it Microsoft Kinect.

and this is the result;



miss myaira said...

ermm.. mmg u pakar IT kan

Al Hadi said...

mana ada.. casual gamer je :)