Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 World 'Battle Of The Sexes' Cup

Aahh yes... another World Cup. And that means:

1. Another Battle Of The Sexes will take place. Of course, this is where lots of men talk about football and lots of women are annoyed. Fire away.

2. Suddenly there's a group of female "football fanatics". They only emerged once in 4 years. Suspiciously, these "fanatics" only know the names of players from a certain English Football Club.

3. Malaysian women will always root for England. Or Spain, Italy etc etc. Not a single one will claim she's a Cameroon or Nigeria fan. You already know why.

4. This is the time women will complain extensively about attention, responsibility and whatever the hell they complain about. Just watch any talk show where women collectively whine about their lives and surely the topic of World Cup will come up.

5. Men will be accused of spending too much time in front of the TV. But apparently the same situation isn't applied when women stared at the TV everyday when Akademi Fantasial is on.

6. Women ridicule men for watching 22 other men chasing a ball. Well, if its up to us, we can watch this instead;

Lets just get along, shall we?


marmalade said...

i, personally, do not care. in fact, i think the world is a better place now because they are no longer annoying as their attention is focused on something far more ridiculous and finally, got to leave the women alone! and i have to admit, it is better for them to actually gawk at the world cup, rather than some hot chicks, yes?

but no. just don't ridicule us. we only ridicule you and your footie-whinings because you ridicule us.

nihadriz said...

kurang sexy. they should've been in sexier lingeries. hehehehee~ well i'm not a football fanatic. malas nak jaga malam. hehehehe...

Sen's Station said...

Go Senegal !!! Miss that team ;)Hahaha

Btw...en Hadi..not all women r the same...some knows wat are formations, positions & faults...not all wanna watch the game to see the players.

Ehem...go persie go..(hehehe)

Cheers ;)

sil said...

i have to make a confession. i am one of those. but then, the feeling's to watch the match just emerged like that. lets hope it'll never fade away soon.