Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last Sunday i went to hike Bukit Tabur. It was near anyway (Melawati), so i cant miss hiking this popular hill. Despite all the accidents and deaths there, i was determined to hike it.

Met my ex-OBS instructor, Fauzi and his buddy Ijan at nearby Petronas at 7.30 am and together we drove to Bukit Tabur starting point. It was Sunday, so we had lots of company.

Even the starting point was kinda steep, i was already sweating like hell when we reached the first peak. But the view was really stunning. U can clearly see Klang Gates Dam and KL from the first peak. U can also see the whole UIA Gombak from the peaks.

Klang Gates Dam

From the first peak, there were fewer and fewer trees to shade us. Its always a good idea to start climbing early in the morning. Plus, the cold wind really helps when we're sweating :D

There were times when i had to climb some slippery quartz. Damn, it wasnt that easy. Luckily i survived. Had to be extra-careful since just beside me is a 200 meter deep ravine. Imagine that.

Not easy.

The hike was really challenging. Even Mount Nuang wasnt as difficult as this. Plus, it was dangerous. There were rocks everywhere! It combines walking, hiking and rock climbing at the same time. Remember, people DIED here.

Nonetheless, i managed to get to the tallest peak in 2 and a half hours.

Posers :p

The view was really beautiful. The whole KL and Klang Gates Dam can be clearly seen. I also noticed the green natural forest on the left and the urban concrete jungle on the right.

Bukit Tabur was a divider. Sort of.

View from the top

After the usual photo session, we went down using another trail. It was an easy one, just walking through some orchard back to the car.

FYI, Bukit Tabur is only a part of a 16-km long Klang Gates Quartz Ridge, The World's Longest Quartz Ridge! And you must climb from peak to peak on rocky surfaces and under the hot sun. If you miss one step, down you go.

To your death.

Bukit Tabur; DONE! Next weekend, another hike :D


zila said...

wah... bestnye hadi, asyik manjat bukit jer, huhuhu...
jumpa en. fauzi eh...? masih fit mcm dulu ke..? buat bisnes stationary dia tu ke...?

Al Hadi said...

ala.. lama dok opis, kejang gak kaki ni kan. daki la mana-mana bukit/gunung yg ada buat kuar peluh.

En fauzi skang kat KL, buat bisnes macam2. dia pun kaki photography gak :D

marmalade said...

gile ah! nampak mcm menakutkan! huhuhuhuhu.

Al Hadi said...

mala, belum cuba belum tau :D

Ara Izat said...

you went on sunday? wow and you invited to that event the nite before eh? crazy.

Al Hadi said...

hey, Mr Fiance asked me to invite u two :D. another trip la ye hehehe

muhamadakmalwahab said...

sorry bro tak dapat join waktu ko ajak ari tu...memang aku udah stoned skit...anyway it was nice view serious....tengok la one of these days i would join if there is another bukit tabur adventure...

Al Hadi said...

its ok. we'll hike some other hill/mountain together :D

never hike bukit tabur alone and always have someone who's familiar with the terrain.

papaYA said...

Wah, sangat bahaya..

Abg Hadi, tak sangka ko semakin macho membuat aktiviti gini :D

Al Hadi said...

Hehe thanks yaya *wink*

Nanti join la ek