Monday, May 31, 2010


1. Tons of work at the office. But somehow i still managed to find some 'tea time' :p

2. Finally sold my PS3 to a friend of mine. Yeah it was a great console, but Wii offers more fun. Plus, PS3 games cost an arm and a leg to buy. 1 PS3 game = 12 Wii games. Do the math.

3. Had to re-arrange and re-plan my trips this year. I already had to cancel my trip to Bandung last month and Bangkok this week. Bandung had to be canceled due to last minute changes and Bangkok... who the hell wanna go to Bangkok now? Wanna die? Fortunately Tianjin is still on.

4. Kinabalu Trip proceeds, but with some minor changes with (hopefully) major effect.

5. I'm still fat.


6. Finally i jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon. Gonna start tweeting right away!


frankie said...

fat? tu ajak tanak gi..jom ar wehh! aku rindu ko!

Al Hadi said...


aku yg ajak ko hiking ko yg x pernah nak ikut. cet!

fadh said...

Ko dulu ada PS3?awat x ckp?aku plan nk beli tp mahal gile..kalu aku tau ko ada aku beli dr ko je dl..dem

Al Hadi said...

aku dah lama tulis dlm blog aku ni. ciss, kau je yg x baca.