Monday, May 17, 2010


Another weekend, another mountain.

This time, its Mount Nuang in Hulu Langat. The highest peak in Selangor and situated in three states; Selangor, Pahang and N Sembilan.

I've heard some stories about this mountain before. About how tough it is, the leeches, how people got lost hiking there etc etc. But who cares?

Certainly not me.

At 7am, i started my hike. Actually just walking uphill in the famous "Never Ending Road". Why is it called that? Because the road looked the same for 3-4 hours (depending on how fit you are). You will always asking yourself "Am i there yet? Am i there yet?"....

The actual hike begins after Nuang waterfall. Its really tempting to see cold streams of water after walking uphill for 3 hours, but i preferred to wait.

The hike was challenging, but not that difficult. To reach the summit, it takes about 4-5 hours (again, depending on how fit you are). First, i reached Kem Lolo, a rest stop for hikers to catch their breaths.

There's a gazebo and a few camping spots here. Maybe i should camp here someday?

Next is Kem Pacat. Contrary to its name, theres no pacat here. Just bees. Lots of bees :( Luckily they dont attack people. Just flying around, minding their own business.

Again, theres place for camping and resting. And i noticed lots of people turning back after they reached Kem Pacat. Too tired perhaps?

Nonetheless, the hike continues!

After Kem Pacat, the hike became really really challenging. How would i describe the hike?

I shit you not: Lutut bertemu dagu.

My knees began to shake at this point. My arms ached, my hamstring started to give in to pain.

No wonder people turned back after Kem Pacat. This is torture!

Oh what the hell. I just continued, ignoring the pain.

I made it!

Finally after all the torture i made it to the summit.

The view wasnt that nice. Just trees and more trees. Broga Hill has much much better view.

There was a steel structure at the summit. I wonder how the hell they managed to bring that thing up there.

After resting for an hour or so, i returned to Nuang waterfall.

OMG, the cold water really soothes away all the pain.

Another mountain conquered. Another satisfying journey.


Hasina Terebuzzu said...

hoho.. mebi one day we shud do dis.. n camping kt sana sekali! =p

Al Hadi said...

oh yess we should :D

marmalade said...

bunyi macam donkey dalam shrek.

"are we there yet? are we there yet?" hahahahaha.

papaYA said...

"Are we there yet" pun ade dalam cerita Rat Race time anak die nak pergi toilet tu.

Kebetulan Rabu lepas dengar budak2 Dept Nutrition cerita diorang baru balik dari Nuang, weekend yang ko pergi tu :B

Al Hadi said...

mmg ramai org naik Nuang tiap2 weekend. tapi ramai naik takat Kem Pacat je