Monday, May 10, 2010


Its been a while since i went hiking. A year, i think. Last month i went on a nightwalk and jungle trekking in Hulu Langat but that doesnt really count. Not even challenging =)

So when an opportunity to hike Broga Hill came, it was an automatic yes from me. Together with Deham, Akmal, Mala, Nadia, Ina and Niha, we planned and finally the day came.

As usual, before a hike, u need energy. Lots of energy (read: lots of food). So after picking up Mala and Deham in my Leo-Pimp mobile, we went to have breakfast.

At 4 am. At McDonald's.

So nice of Deham to pay for breakfast :p

After we finished with the eating/drinking/gossiping/smoking, we went straight ahead to Tol Semenyih to meet the others. Unfortunately a certain person was still sleeping in his house like a Pharaoh inside a sealed pyramid. Dead.

So we just waited for the rest to show up. It was a short wait. Ina was a fast driver. Perhaps because she was so furious about that certain someone =)

We arrived at Broga Hill and quickly climbed. Everybody was so excited that we forgot to warm-up first. Big mistake.....

How's the climb? Well, it wasnt that difficult. For the first few minutes it was just walking uphill in the dark. The real challenge came when we had to climb some steep terrain. We started early, so we took our own sweet time to reach the top.

Finally we reached the peak while its still dark. And when the first light hits, thats when all the pain and tiredness disappear. Words cant describe how beautiful it is.

Of course, that's what we came for.

After a while, its camwhoring session. As usual :D

Aww...sho shweet

Then he came. The one we thought still snoring in his bed hahahahha. Glad you could join us Akmal. Beautiful morning eh?

Oi! Wanna sleep again ah?

There are 4 peaks on Broga Hill. We managed to climb to peak no 3 before the rest of us stopped. I guessed they had enough of the climbing session hahahha. I continued to the final peak and enjoyed the view from the highest spot.

Really, i can see more from the top. Not just the nature, but also people (ngehehehehe)

We spent all morning camwhoring and had Ina's spaghetti for lunch. Thanks Ina!


  • i was told there are lots of mosquitoes in Broga Hill, but i didnt get bitten even once. No, im not using any repellent.
  • It saddens me to see some assholes wrote their name, their class, college or whatever the hell it was on rocks, on signboards and even on the Flag.
  • Also, people throwing rubbish as they please.
  • Is it OK if i murder them?

Broga Hills is definitely beautiful and awe-inspiring. The view, the air, the combination of colors in the morning sky, the green grass, etc.

I just wished people will appreciate it more.

Yes, it's tiring.
Yes, my knees hurt like hell.
Yes, i lost some sleep that night.

But all that is gone when you saw the first light emerged from the peak.

It was priceless.


marmalade said...

i'm totally speechless lah.
for the first time ever, you have succeeded in making me completely speechless.

*rolled over and die*

but damn nice pics lah wei.
(i saved the ones that i don't have in my safekeeping ya)

Al Hadi said...

Mala is speechlees? Hehehe I'll take that as a compliment :p

Thanks, u can take my pics. Its meant to be shared

Hasina Terebuzzu said...

wooo.. i like gmbr mala tersipu2 dgn deham.. so suwiiittt!!!

Al Hadi said...

Deham mmg suwitttt

marmalade said...

sweet sangat =)

Phoebus Athenos said...



muhamadakmalwahab said...

ouch ouch ouch and ouch again...
but it turns out to be a beautiful day...

Al Hadi said...

Puaka - socks & sandals? Hik hik hik

Akmal - indeed it was

alantanblog said...

Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

Al Hadi said...

Thanks! Love the hike, love the view :D

frankie said...

kita da nmpk

jiran sebelah pon dah nmpk

tp adakah mereka nampak? atau buat2 tak nmpk?

Al Hadi said...

kita nampak yang berbeza kut

papaYA said...

Hadi, please kill them.
Nice pics with nice people in it :)

Al Hadi said...

Thnks Yaya, next time join us ya