Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Sweet B, Bulan & JoJo

To Sweet B,

I like them from the back,
I like them from the side,
I like them free,
I like them fragrant,
I like them in the rain
I like them in the night,
I like them round,
I like them bouncing around,
I like them big,

but most of all...

I like them willing.

Kepada Bulan,

Walaupun namamu ialah Bulan,
wajahmu tak seperti permukaan bulan.

Walaupun namamu ialah Bulan,
Kau tetap muncul diwaktu siang.

Walaupun namamu ialah Bulan,
Tak pernah kulihat kau terbenam.

To JoJo,

Sorry that you're leaving
Your loss will be greatly felt
But I wont over-exarggerate
and say my heart will melt.

Its really hard to say Goodbye
to such a good friend and pal
with tears in eyes and lump in throat
Adios! Au revoir! Farewell!


Ara Izat said...

we cried before she left.

huhu. feels like the house is too big for me alone now.

miss her here. =(

frankie said...

to Joanne....

Farewell, farewell my friend
With words I spell
It all out in a nutshell

Farewell, farewell my friend
What else can I say?
When you take off on Sunday for good

Farewell I say with a broken mood
Farewell there goes your innocent smell
Farewell there goes our fun in and out of hotels (nk rhyme kn je)
Farewell I hope that life treats you well

Farewell in your ventures
Our spent time is my treasure
Friend, I only urge you to be strong
With love you can simply do no wrong
I say it with these words tipping off my tongue

Farewell, farewell my friend
I am a great believer
Farewell is not forever
I say not goodbye
I do not wish to sit and cry

Farewell, farewell my friend
What else can I say?
You weren’t meant to stay
I will do nothing to detain
You from flying on that plane

Farewell, farewell my friend
I say with pain
Farewell, farewell my friend
In sunshine or in rain
One day, one day
I know we’ll see again

Farewell, farewell my friend
I cannot stand and pretend
That a part me
With you, would still like to be!

Mojo Jojo said...

sobs... sedih pulak!!!!! really miss u all!!!!

Al Hadi said...

we all miss u too Jo...